Перенос: семинар сихан Момот Валерий

Тема: Тогакурэ Рю Нинпо тайдзюцу и Ниндзя бикэндзюцу
Когда: 19 — 20 сентября 2020
Место: Минск

19-20.09.2020 Shihan Momot Valerii seminar in Minsk (Belarus).
Theme: Togakure-ryu ninpo taijutsu & ninja bikenjutsu.
Valery Momot — shihan Bujinkan dojo, the founder and head “Bujinkan Shibu Dojo” — international organization with many dojo from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan & more from ex-USSR. Which strictly follows rules Bujinden international and distribution and promotion of true knowledge Bujinkan Budo Ninpo taijutsu, and also fine ideas of the peace and the friendship advanced by dr. Hatsumi Masaaki sets as the purpose.
Practiced by Bujinkan since 1987. During this time many present and former students Valerii Momot in have Bujinkan shidoshi-ho, shidoshi & shihan high degrees. Many of which have already created their own organizations.
Its first book «Born in darkness» (1992) became the bestseller, inspired to study Bujinkan hundreds people. In total Mr. Momot has written more than 10 books in Russian, devoted ninjutsu and budo taijutsu, has let out some educational and publicistic films, has lead tens seminars.
We invite everyone to the seminar!
Welcome to Minsk, Belarus! ??
Price 50€ (All 3 keiko)
(40€ — preregistration before 1 September)
Info: http://ninpo.by/
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